Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fair week

Last night, my friend from out of town was in town for the fair. She asked me to go down with her to watch the fair queen contest. She also suggested that we get some food, but I got out of it by saying that I had already made dinner for myself. I went to the fair last night but didn't eat any fair food, instead...

I had two bowls of salad:

...and four pieces of chicken with barbecue sauce:

I'm really proud of myself for not eating anything at the fair last night! The fair is such a temptation, and I'm really glad that I stayed strong!

Tonight, my husband and I are eating at the fair for dinner with another couple. This was planned, however. I'm not going to be eating any of the bad food listed in my last blog. I'm going to stick with items that I feel will be easy to track! I can make it through fair week with a loss on the scale! I know it!

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