Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Relapse, Changes, and Prayers Needed

Post from yesterday:

This past weekend, I had a relapse of MS. I wasn't able to walk for a few days there, but my leg is feeling better today. I was seeing double, then my eye went blurry for an entire night. Scary stuff. I went to my neurologist today, but there wasn't much he could do. He wants me to get an MRI as soon as possible, but due to insurance, that's not quite possible right now.

My husband got in to this new program where he gets free schooling and will be a part of a union once he is picked up by a contractor. The union is trying to place 80 new apprentices and he hasn't been placed yet. So, he is basically in between jobs right now and just got a temp job that he starts tomorrow. It's third shift for three nights, second shift for one night, and first shift for one night. He also has school two nights a week. This is a huge change for us. I'm a little nervous.

Also, I came home after hearing about my husbands new schedule and my dog was bleeding from his "you-know-what". Our dog is our baby. I was able to call the vet 5 minutes before they closed and she assured me that it's not an emergency, but he should be seen in the next day or two. I'm thinking that we are going to need to get him neutered. I hope that will be the solution to whatever is wrong with him. Keep him in your prayers. The little guy means so much to us!

With all of this going on, my C25K program has been put on hold and my eating has been less than great. Losing this weight before the cruise feels nearly impossible, but that doesn't mean that I need to give up completely. I am still going to watch what I'm eating as best I can. I'm going to play these next few days by ear. Hopefully my leg will be as good as new, soon!

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