Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Just Because"

I started my day with two clementines. I packed a good lunch and my gym clothes. December has begun, and I am going to make it a successful month!

Along with my goal of losing 10 pounds and attending the gym 3 times a week this month, I am also going to incorporate the most important goal in my life to this months plan. I am making it a goal to restart my Copaxone injections to help lessen the progression of my M.S. These injections are daily, and I haven't been consistent since I began treatment in August. I haven't injected in over a month. This is a hard goal for me, but it's an important goal. I must take my daily injections.

It's lunch time at work right now. I finished my soup and had a fun-size twix as a treat. That twix was actually my way of avoiding the cake that my coworker brought in today, "just because".

I brought in a bag of carrots and a small salad for snacks for the remainder of the day. Whenever I am ready for a snack, I am going to walk right past that cake, grab my healthy snacks, and pat myself on the back!

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