Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Craving The Weirdest...

I have been craving the weirdest thing lately... vegetables!!

I'm happy that I'm craving something healthy, for a change. I've been craving large salads with a lot of lettuce. Green beans, carrots, peas... Mmm! Here's what my plate looked like for dinner tonight:

I couldn't get enough green beans tonight! I love them!

Before dinner, and after work, I went to the gym. The minute that I began working out on the elliptical, the stress from today melted away. I had my earbuds in, playing songs from my iPod; it was finally time for me, and I was loving it!

The gym was so empty tonight, and I'm thinking that has something to do with Christmas being only four days away. I'm not letting the holidays stand in the way this year! I'm going to reach my goal for New Years Day!

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