Saturday, December 10, 2011

A New Addition!

Notice anything different? I have a new addition... to my blog! ......Ads!! You may wonder why I am excited about having ads on my blog. Apparently, bloggers have the opportunity to be paid if their readers click on ads that they find interesting to them. (Note to my readers: Please only click on ads that you are truly interested in.) I don't really expect to make much money (if any at all) but, I do see it as one more incentive for me to blog daily. Blogging daily has proven to give me more accountability while trying to adopt a healthier lifetstyle, so I'm all for more incentives for daily blogging!

I took a screenshot this morning, because it made me laugh when I saw my very first ad running on my blog. It corresponded with my most recent post at the time, a blog about my anxiety. The ad was about 4 things that happen right before a heart attack. My blog post listed my symptoms from the other day... racing heart, heavy chest, trouble breathing. I'm thinking that maybe those symptoms are 3 of the 4 things the ad was referring to, but I can't know for sure. I am not able to click on my own ads... but you sure are allowed! Here's the screenshot that made me laugh this morning:

On another note, I am back home from my business trip. I haven't weighed myself since I have been back, but I'm not thinking that I will be losing any weight this week. Traveling for business while trying to eat healthy is tough! As of today, however, I still have 3 weeks before the new year. I feel like I still have enough time to get down to my goal of 235 lbs. by then! I can do it!

I'm glad that I arrived back home yesterday, because it started snowing this morning. The photo above is of our pond. So far we just have a dusting of snow, but I'm thinking as the day goes on, that will change!

Our dog, Max, loves to frolic in the snow! He's a mini doxie so when the snow gets really high, as it usually does in our area, we have to shovel paths in the yard for him. Last year we had quite the maze going for him, and he loved running around it!

Speaking of running, I am planning on doing some exercise today and tomorrow. I didn't accomplish my mini goal of going to the gym 3 times this week, even though there was a gym in the hotel. I brought my almost-sixteen-year-old sister with me on this business trip and instead of going to the gym, we walked laps around the mall. We actually found two malls in the area where I was staying for business, and we shopped  walked at them both. Hey... they do say to engage in exercise that is fun for you, right? We had lots of fun!

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