Monday, December 5, 2011

Overeating on Purpose

My nutrition range according to Sparkpeople has my calorie intake between 1200 and 1500 calories per day. I feel like that is pretty low, so I have been overeating on purpose. I try to eat within the 1600-1800 calorie range. I'm not planning on doing this forever, but right now it feels right.

This morning, I decided that I would try to take pictures of everything that I ate today. I'm happy to say that I succeeded:

Two oranges for breakfast

Granola bar for snack

Frozen meal for lunch

Wheat thins for snack

Crab and Pasta Alfredo for dinner (courtesy of my husband)

Four chocolate covered pretzels for dessert

Peanut butter, nutella and jelly sandwich for snack

I didn't go to the gym tonight, however, I am planning on going tomorrow evening, right after work! I am going on a business trip this Wednesday and will not return home until Friday. There is a gym in the hotel and I plan on sticking with my goal of getting to the gym 3 times this week! Eating within *my* calorie range will be a challenge, being out of town for three days this week, but it's a challenge that I've overcome before, and it's a challenge that I can overcome again!

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