Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Saving Calories

Yesterday I found myself saving calories for the end of the day. I tracked all of my meals and still had about 400 calories before I hit my minimum for the day. Does anyone else save calories like this?

It seemed normal to me to do this, as I've been doing it for so long. After thinking about why I was saving the calories, I feel like I do it just in case I go on a binge spree. This seems to be contradictory though, because so often, I have a mini binge at the end of the day "because I have the calories". It's like I'm setting myself up with an excuse to binge.

I think this is going to be a hard habit to break, but I'm going to try to start managing my calories better. I'm going to try to spread "the love" throughout the entire day.

Today, I think that I did fairly well! I am ending the day within my nutritional ranges (per sparkpeople) and I feel great!

Last night I did go to the gym, which was another reason to feel great today! My husband was able to go with me and we did a total of 20 minutes of cardio. Just enough to get that awesome endorphin high!

Speaking of great things, our dinner tonight was very good! My husband made baked chicken and it was our first time using the fresh chicken thighs. I'm guilty of only buying frozen chicken, and I must say, I'm not going to be buying frozen for quite a while after having this meal!

I made our salads tonight and we used romaine lettuce instead of iceberg. Another great change to our "norm"! I tossed the lettuce in a bit of grated parmesan, topped it with a drizzle of fat free Caesar dressing and it was delicious!

Just to keep some balance in the world, I did have a hershey's chocolate bar for dessert, which took me to the higher end of my calorie range for the day. Worth every calorie, however, and good news is that I didn't go over my range!

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  1. :) when I find myself thinking of an evening binge...I always remember that eating something before bed is way worse than if you eat it during the day....I try to visualize all those bad carbs ticking themselves away into my fat cells, putting down roots and making all my efforts of the day moot. That usually deters me. Moral of the story...have chocolate for breakfast?! :D