Monday, December 12, 2011

Yesterday, I Was Weak.

Some days I am stronger than others. Yesterday, I was weak. A co-workers birthday celebration resulted in cupcakes for the majority. These weren't just any cupcakes, either...

...these were chocolate cupcakes with silky peanut butter frosting. Oh my!

I had my cupcake and it was amazing! I wish that I could say that I felt guilty about eating this cupcake, but I didn't. The thought in my mind was that some days I am strong, and some days I am weak. That statement was all that I needed to feel okay with my decision to indulge in the cupcake of my dreams.

Another reason why I am not feeling guilty is because I made a conscious effort to continue my day as if I hadn't eaten the cupcake. I made sure to get in my 64 ounces of water and still worked out! In the past, I would have rationalized that cupcake as an excuse to eat even more. My thinking would have been that I had "blown" the day by going off target, and then I would binge. Yesterday, I beat my old way of thinking. By eating the cupcake, I impressed myself. I was impressed that I carried on, without the feeling of guilt pulling me down.

I guess that I wasn't as weak as I thought!

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  1. Well I say that you weren't weak.. Weak for me would of been like 5 cupcakes. And um, very few people could of said no to THAT cupcake. I know I would of not of been able to say no to the cupcake. And then ate all of it's friends to hide the evidence. Keep on smiling.