Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Business Trip: Day One

My day started at home, where I got ready for my half day at work and travel out of town. I made myself breakfast and a large cup of coffee.

I ate lunch at my moms when I went to pick my sister up. She is my travel companion; we always try to take full advantage of my business trips and spend time together while out of town and when I'm not in meetings.

My sister, pictured above, confessed that she had never eaten at a Red Lobster before. That's where I ended up taking her for dinner. She loves seafood, so it was a good choice and she loved it!

There was a special to get a four course dinner for only $15, so we both took advantage of that! I pretty much ate every course, the soup, salad, dessert; however, I only ate half of my pasta, which served as my entree. To say that we were full after that is an understatement.

When we were finished at dinner. We went back to our hotel/conference center to check it out. We let our food digest while we toured the place. Once we found the pool, we decided to give it a go. We swam laps and tried to race each other. I honestly never knew how much of a workout swimming could be until tonight. I can honestly say that I thought my heart was going to burst and that it made me the most out of breath I have ever been in my life, hands down! To any of my readers who are active swimmers, I commend you!

After the pool, we relaxed in the hot tub. It was so amazing; it's been an hour since then and I still feel great!

Day one was really fun. The conference starts bright and early tomorrow morning. Hoping to blog again before the trip is over!

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