Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Evening Binges

I'm 2 and 0 this week with evening binges. After thinking about my struggle these past two evenings, I have narrowed down a couple of triggers for my evening binges.

Trigger #1: My husband isn't home for dinner.

Trigger #2: That famished/hungry feeling.

It's 6:00 p.m. I've just walked through the door from a long day at work. I'm tired and I'm hungry. I grab the first thing I can lay my hands on. As I'm eating this "first thing I can lay my hands on", I think to myself and realize that it's going to take about 30 minutes to prepare a meal for myself. This "first thing that I can lay my hands on" seems even more appetizing than ever after that thought, so I keep eating until I am pretty much satisfied. However, I am not satisfied. I am disappointed with myself for going off track. Still looking for that satisfaction, I decide to make myself dinner. I eat dinner and I'm very full now. Satisfaction still no where to be found. Now I am disappointed in myself for overeating. It's not a good cycle, yet, it's been my cycle for the past two nights.

After work tonight, I am going directly to the bridal shop to try on my bridesmaid dress for the bride to see in person. She has only seen a picture of it, so far. A picture of the dress can be seen by clicking HERE. I'm going to be really hungry for dinner by the time that I get home, because I didn't plan ahead snack-wise. Thankfully, my husband will be home for dinner tonight, and he will have dinner ready for me the minute I arrive. (He's the best!)

My plan to stop these evening binges is to just go back to the basics. Plan ahead! Eat snacks throughout the day to avoid that famished/hungry feeling. I can do it!

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  1. When I'm hungry at night, I love to drink carbonated water with lemon....the gas fills my tummy and I'm getting more water in. It usually does the trick!