Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beyond my Comfort Zone

The Agency where I work at is starting a softball team and sign-ups were yesterday. I am 24 years old and I haven’t played softball in 12 years. A lot has changed since then. I am faced with new challenges. Specifically, I’m overweight and have a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. While being overweight is nothing new to me, the MS is. Despite that, I went through with it and have signed up to play on the softball team!

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I am excited and nervous for this new adventure. This is definitely beyond my comfort zone. However, I am going to keep in mind the quote “life begins at the end of your comfort zone” because it is so very true. For example, buying a house is nerve-wracking, but it is also life changing (usually in a good way). Now, I am not saying that joining a softball team and buying a house are in the same category by any means, but you get the picture.

So now that I have actually signed up and paid my league fees, I have another incentive to keep working out with the C25K program. I am going to need to build up my endurance to be able to play a game of softball. I also might find a batting cage somewhere near me because hitting the ball definitely takes some practice! This reminds me of something that I have found to be true in the past; making healthy choices (such as signing up for the softball team) motivates you to continue making healthy choices (training for the games).
Are you doing anything currently, or have you signed up for anything that is a little beyond your comfort zone?

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