Friday, March 30, 2012

Despite Defeat

Despite the C25K's W4D1 defeat over me, I am feeling great just from trying to complete it! I stepped on the scale to find that I am at my lowest weight in four years! I remember wishing not too long ago to see 235 on the scale and I surpassed that this morning by weighing in at 234.6!

Thank you to all of my awesome readers for your supportive comments and emails after my post the other day! I promise, I am not giving up!

I'm excited that I am finally losing weight again! This is going to really help me in my Big Bridesmaid Challenge. The wedding is in August and I feel like my goal is still obtainable! Official weigh in is on Sunday so my mini goal this weekend is to maintain this loss for then!

How often do you weigh yourself? Do you have a special weigh in day?
My weigh in day is on Sunday that way I have a big incentive for eating well on my most challenging days, which are Fridays and Saturdays!


  1. I weigh myself on Sundays. My weekend is actually on Monday and Tuesday, so I give myself the week to work hard, and i don't have to focus so hard during my weekend.

  2. Great work! The C25K program is great and will definitely get you to your first finish line. Good luck!

  3. Wow! Congrats on the weigh in, and don't get down over C25K...just keep plugging at it. The thing is, I don't know ANYONE who has able to go through it without spending extra time on certain weeks the first time they tried it. You can do it!

    My weigh in day is Saturday, which is when I go to my Weight Watchers meeting. I did have a habit--I won't call it good or bad--of "peeking" on my scale at home during the week. I think it might have worked against me, so my challenge this week was not to peek at far, so good!