Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Did Ask for No Fries!

After my confession and resolution yesterday regarding McDonalds, wouldn't you know that ran out of the house without breakfast or my lunch for today. Don't worry, I'm not even thinking of going anywhere near a McDonalds, today! I didn't even realize that I hadn't packed my lunch until I walked through the office doors. After settling in at my desk, I overheard my co-workers discussing their lunch plans. Some of the people in our office are ordering lunch from a pizza shop today, so I decided to join in. I ordered a grilled chicken salad with no fries and ranch dressing. Could have chosen better (ranch is probably the worst choice of dressing); could have chosen worse (hey now, I did ask for no fries!).

Tonight I am either going to be working on the C25K program outside (in the rain) or inside (at the gym). My sister asked me to go to the gym with her last night, but I was unable to go with her as we had my husband's family over for dinner and game night. I made two lasagnas in record time and it seemed as if everyone enjoyed themselves. I told my sister that we would go to the gym tomorrow, which is now today. I was definitely more motivated to work out yesterday than I am finding myself to be, today. I am achy and feel like I just could use a night on the couch. Good thing my sister is a pretty good motivator! Having a partner at the gym is much more fun than going alone.

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