Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Lot on my Mind

I've had a lot on my mind lately, literally!

I had my annual MRI yesterday. Last year my neurologist found that I had a small cyst in my brain and I was diagnosed with MS based on a number of tests. I won't know if my "cyst" has grown since last year, for about a week or so. However, I looked over the disc from my MRI (even though I shouldn't have) and I must say that in the picture above, the "cyst" looks bigger than I remember. Now, the goal is to not think or worry about this until I hear my actual results from the Doctor. Wish me luck!

It looks like this week is going to be another wash in the terms of weight loss. I haven't been following my meal plan (I even went out for a beer and wings last night) so I'm thinking I might be due for a gain on the scale. I still have a few days before weigh in this Sunday, so I'm just going to move forward and eat as best as I can until then!

My only saving grace in terms of my weight is that I have been consistent with exercising! I am scheduled to complete W3D3 of the C25K program this evening. I am really enjoying this program and I know it is going to help me in my upcoming 5K!

Now, I will leave you with a quote that I found while reading my most recent "healthy living book", The Happiness Project:

"There are times in the lives of most of us when we would have given all the world to be as we were but yesterday, though... yesterday had passed over us unappreciated and unenjoyed". ~William Edward Hartpole Lecky

In other words, enjoy your day, everyone! There may come a time when you wish you could be back here, someday; living just as you are now. Everyday is precious. I'm going now, on my quest to find what joy I can in my very ordinary, yet wonderful day.

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