Sunday, April 29, 2012

Big Bridesmaid Challenge - Week 16

Big Bridesmaid Challenge Update - Week 16

The Plan:

I'm setting weekly goals/plans for myself until August 11th. That is the date of my best friend's wedding and I want to feel good about myself in my bridesmaid dress!

The Terms and Conditions:

~ Weigh-in's will be every Sunday morning
~ Dinner plans are to be posted for each week
~ Exercise plans are to be posted for each week

Weekly Weigh-In:

Start Date: 1/11/12
Starting Weight: 245 lbs.
Current Date: 4/29/12
Current Weight: 235.8 lbs (-.6 lbs from last week)
Total Loss: 9.2 lbs.
Goal Weight: 200 lbs.
Goal Date: 8/11/12
Pounds to Goal: 35.8 lbs.

Dinner Plan for the Week:

Sunday: Lifesaving Lentil Soup
Monday: Buffalo Chicken Spinach Salad
Tuesday: Baked Fish with Vegetable
Wednesday: Steak with Potatoes and Green Beans
Thursday: Sesame Chicken with Rice and Broccoli
Friday: Taco Night
Saturday: White Chicken Chili

Exercise Plan for the Week:

Sunday: Gym
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Gym
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Gym
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Gym

Recap of the week:

Last weekend was absolutely horrible. Between the 104 temperature and ranging chills I ended up missing my week 15 update for the Big Bridesmaid Challenge. I went to the ER on Monday, where the doctor diagnosed me with pneumonia. I battled that all week and just started feeling more myself, yesterday. After a week off of work, cleaning, exercising, and cooking, I am ready to get back in to my routine.

My shirt from the 5K that I missed.
The worst part of being sick last week was that I had to miss the 5K that I had been training for. My husband picked up our shirts that we were to receive from our donation for the race the day before. He informed them that we would not be attending the race due to my pneumonia. When I first saw the shirt, I wanted to cry. This was the shirt that I was suppose to earn by running my first 5K. It was bitter sweet to be able to keep this shirt. I will look at it as a dream that I have yet to reach. Something to keep me reaching. Something to keep as a reminder of who I want to become and what I want to accomplish.

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