Saturday, April 28, 2012

Not Everyone Loses Weight When They're Sick

I'm feeling 90% better today. Pneumonia is nearly gone and I am happy to get back to normal myself, again.

Our furbabies, bathing in the sun.
While I was down and out this past week, my husband got a big project done. We decided last weekend that we would create a computer desk that could double as a cabinet in our living room.

Max helped, too.

Computer desk by day...

...Cabinet by night.

I took the picture of the cabinet doors before my husband was finished with them. He has since put door knobs on each door and adjusted the left side to match the right. It is everything that I wanted. He did a great job! Right now, I am using a chair from the dining room as I blog. My husband is working on a custom stool that can be hidden in the bottom of the cabinet when we are not using the computer.

My new blogging space.
Now that I am feeling better, and now that I have a brand new space to blog, I will be doing so more often. Thanks for sticking with me! Updates on my weight, tomorrow. Let me just say that not everyone loses weight when they are sick.


I just finished decorating the outside of our new computer cabinet. Now you can see the knobs that my husband added, as well. It feels good to finish a project!

Our complete masterpiece.

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