Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dear "Ate a Calzone and Gained 3 lbs."

I get a kick out of seeing what kind of search terms people are using when they come across my blog. I was scrolling down the list yesterday when I found one search term in particular that made me smile: "I ate a calzone and gained 3 lbs!"

Dear Ate a Calzone and Gained 3 lbs.,

If you are out there reading this, I must say that you should really check out the letter that I wrote to my dear reader, Ate Chocolate and Gained 3 pounds. I think that the three of us have a lot in common. I must confess, I absolutely love calzones.

Exhibit A.
I have recently succeeded at making my own calzones at home. They are really good, however, nothing beats the calzones that are made at our local pizza shop. I can honestly say that the calzones from our local pizza shop are my greatest weakness. Those greasy cheesy calzones definitely trump chocolate any day of the week! With that being said, if you want to eat a calzone and not gain 3 pounds, I suggest making your own at home. It's really easy and still very satisfying. Whenever you make your own calzones at home, you have control of what and how much ingredients you are putting in to your meal. While I don't believe you truly gained 3 pounds from a calzone (unless you were participating in the worlds largest calzone eating contest) I know that it can be frustrating to see that fluctuation in the scale. I've been there, many times. Just know that it's not "true" weight and that it will come off as fast as you put it on, as long as you switch back to eating healthy and in moderation, pronto.

Best wishes,

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