Thursday, May 10, 2012

First Trip to Whole Foods Co-op

As a part of my 25 by 25 list, I made it a goal to shop at a whole foods market this year. This past weekend, my husband and I went grocery shopping at our nearest market, about 45 minutes from our house.

We spent about 30 minutes looking around the store, checking out the different items that they carried. We had a great experience and were really impressed. We bought a few items before heading to their cafe.

Safe, natural cleaning products.

Local homemade ice cream and chocolate covered raisins.
I was really excited to find some safe and natural cleaning supplies for our home. I had read of the negative health effects from some of the cleaning supplies we have been using in our home and had made a mental note to look in to a more safe alternative. I don't have any explaination for the homemade ice cream and the chocolate covered raisins. My husband and I seemed to both picked out a treat while we were there. I picked the raisins and he picked the ice cream. I think we both caught ourselves thinking that since we are in a "health foods store" these usually "bad-for-you foods" must be "good-for-you" since we are getting them from this store. It's true that these may be better for us, but we can't use that excuse to buy more ice cream and chocolate covered treats!

Carrot, kale, cucumber and ginger juice.
After we were done shopping and looking around the store, we headed to their cafe. I wanted to get a vegetable juice and they had a lot of ingredients to choose from. I have never juiced anything in my life, so I had no idea what combination to order. I ended up ordering carrot, kale, cucumber and ginger. The picture taken above, with my smile, was taken before I tried the drink. Trust me that I wasn't smiling after my first sip. I actually laughed because it tasted so bad. My husband was all smiles though, because he got a fruit smoothie and it was delicious. I know, because I had a few sips before he said that we needed to get me my own.

Stawberry Banana Smoothie from Cold Stone
Since we were passing a Cold Stone Creamery on the way home, I bought a strawberry banana smoothie and was much more satisfied with that purchase. Although I highly doubt that my strawberry banana smoothie was better for me than the vegetable juice, I was still glad that I tried something new!

Do any of you have suggestions for my next juice order at the whole foods market? I've wanted to try a yummy green drink to get some more vegetables in to my diet!

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  1. I really like Apple, Kale, Lemon, and Ginger. The apples make it super sweet!