Friday, May 25, 2012

Quality Time with the Couch

Last night was my first softball game in a slow pitch league and I was so excited/nervous to play! I played catcher most of the night and let me tell you, my arm is sore! We lost by a long shot, but it was a ton of fun! I feel like when you are losing by a large margin that is when the game gets really fun; there is no pressure and you just get to play.
I was able to go up to bat twice and both times I hit the ball with no problem! Unfortunately I hit the ball infield, so they got me out at first base both times. The good news is that I got the ball in play so the person on third base was able to run home! My husband played with us last night, too. He had never played softball before and he did really well! I loved having him there; he was really supportive.
Even though I stretched last night, my legs and arm are very sore. To be honest, I am looking forward to some quality time with my couch tonight. I need to rest up because this weekend is very eventful. Tomorrow, we have to clean the house and get the yard ready for our Memorial Day picnic on Sunday. Tomorrow is also when our new puppy, Topher, is able to come home. We are most likely going to have all of his siblings for a little while tomorrow as that is the day of “puppy pick-up”. Everyone who has claimed a puppy gets to pick them up, tomorrow. We only have one that is unclaimed, but I am hoping to find him a home, soon!
Topher :)

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