Sunday, June 17, 2012

Big Bridesmaid Challenge - Week 23

Big Bridesmaid Challenge Update - Week 23

The Plan:

I'm setting weekly goals/plans for myself until August 11th. That is the date of my best friend's wedding and I want to feel good about myself in my bridesmaid dress!

The Terms and Conditions:

~ Weigh-in's will be every Sunday morning
~ Dinner plans are to be posted for each week
~ Exercise plans are to be posted for each week

Weekly Weigh-In:

Start Date: 1/11/12
Starting Weight: 245 lbs.
Current Date: 6/17/12
Current Weight: 234 lbs (+1 lb from last week)
Total Loss: 11 lbs.
Goal Weight: 200 lbs.
Goal Date: 8/11/12
Pounds to Goal: 34 lbs.
Dinner Plan for the Week:

Monday: Shrimp with Rice and Veggies
Tuesday: Chicken Stir Fry
Wednesday: Grilled Steak Salads
Thursday: Sesame Chicken with Rice and Broccoli
Friday: Chicken Enchiladas
Saturday: * Bachelorette Party *

Exercise Plan for the Week:

Sunday: Recovery
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Gym
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Gym
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Gym

I am not very disappointed in my weight gain this week. It is only 1 pound and even though a part of me is so tired of being in the 230's, the other part knows that I will get out of this rut someday! I went on a business trip this past week which didn't help matters. I tried to eat (mostly) healthy but it is definitely a challenge when eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Today I have spent most of the day recovering from my very first 5K race. My husband and I participated in our first 5K race last night! I will post a blog about our experience tomorrow. For now, I am going to continue with my recovery and relax for the rest of the evening!

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