Saturday, July 14, 2012


Yesterday for lunch, I had chinese food. I split the lunch in half and ate some at lunch, and the rest as an afternoon snack. I always look forward to opening fortune cookies; I actually like reading the fortunes more than eating the cookie. Does anyone else try to find a way to apply the fortune they get to their own life? I always do that! I may just think too far in to things, though. Here is my fortune from yesterday's lunch:

So, it's not really a fortune in the sense of "you are about to become really rich", but it is a nice saying. I spent some time thinking about that fortune and decided that it did apply to me.

"Those who wish to sing, always find a song" can compare to "those who wish to change, always find a way". So, this fortune was for me, you see! I want to change, a lot. I want to lose 67 more pounds and live a healthy lifestyle as if it were a natural way of life for me.

This fortune doesn't just have to apply to the "big picture" either, I believe that it can apply in our daily lives, too. For example, "those who wish to workout, always find a way". This will be something I think about the next time that I feel as if my efforts to workout are being sabotaged. When I say sabotaged, that could mean something coming up at the last minute, or even just feeling too tired to try!

What mantra can you come up with from this fortune so that it applies to your life?

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  1. I do too. Think alot about my fortune cookies.

  2. For some reason that reminds me of one of my favorite phrase (from Mary Engelbreight): "Bloom where you're planted." I think people always find the fault in things instead of trying to find the good. Wherever you mind end up, whatever the circumstances, make the best of the situation. It's helped me over the years. :)