Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Good Nap

Never underestimate the value of a good nap. After eating a chicken salad for dinner last night, my husband and I relaxed in the living room. I asked him to set his phone alarm for 15 minutes, grabbed a light quilt and took a little nap. It was amazing! I haven't taken a nap in I don't know how long! It completely changed my evening. When I woke up, I felt energized; I felt like life had slowed down. I felt refreshed.

15 minutes of napping gave me my night back. Instead of staying on the couch, I wanted to go out and do something with the nice evening we were given! We went for a motorcycle ride and my husband surprised me by taking us down to the lake.

We searched for beach glass as the sunset. It was an awesome summer night! Searching for beach glass this year was another item on my 25 by 25 list that I can cross off. After spending that time with my husband last night, I remember why I made that item a part of my list to begin with. We had a lot of fun!

After the beach, we stopped by my moms house to visit my little brother. I jumped on the trampoline with him and we had a nice visit!

The only thing that I regret not doing last night is exercise. I need to go 5 miles through exercise this week as a part of a challenge.

Tonight my husband and I plan on working out. We aren't sure if it will be outside at the track or in the gym. We are throwing around the idea of canceling our gym memberships. That would save us $50/month. My only fear is that I would use not having a gym membership as an excuse not to exercise. In essence, using the weather as an excuse to miss a workout.

My mom made a good point when I talked to her about this last night. She said to just exercise when the sun is down, when it is less hot. We also have a gym at the high school nearby for community members during the school year for free! There are free alternatives which I think would help me deal with the guilt I feel when I pay for what my husband calls our "fat tax" every month (i.e. The gym membership we rarely use).

Any thoughts or ideas about working out without a gym? Are you or have you ever been a part of a gym?

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