Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Didn't Even Think Twice

Yesterday seemed like it lasted for an entire week. I had an appointment before work and a happy hour with co-workers after work. So far, I have maintained both my exercise and dinner plans that I established for this week; even despite eating out! As bad as it is, this kind of a streak hasn't happened in a couple of months! When I made up my dinner menu for the week, I forgot about the happy hour and dinner we had scheduled for last night. It just so happened that I scheduled steak salad for Wednesday's dinner, so that is what I ordered when we went out to eat.

My steak salad.

Even though I was exhausted by the time I finally got home, I didn't even think twice before immediately changing in to some workout clothes and hopping on my bicycle. It was a gorgeous summer evening, so my husband and I went for ride. We called his dad after we began riding, to see if he wanted to meet us along the way, and he did! 

My husband on the left with father-in-law on the right.
We bought my father-in-law a bike for his birthday/father's day gift this year. He seems to love riding, and has been building up his endurance more and more each time he rides! We are both proud of him. It was nice for us to spend a little time with him, last night. He lives alone and doesn't work. His only company is his new kitten, so we try to remind ourselves to visit him/spend time with him as much as we can. My father-in-law doesn't have much, so he was ecstatic when we surprised him with this bike. He actually told us that he had never owned a bicycle in his entire life!

Do you or have you ever owned a bicycle?


  1. Good girl! That's the best way for me to work out too....scheduled and then I just do it, no thinking. When I think, I realize all the other things I need to do.

  2. way to go, love the new blog... well new to me since I havent been around for awhile.