Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Not on a Diet!

Do you know why I love not being on a diet? Chocolate chocolate chip muffins.

My chocolate chocolate chip muffin.

I had one yesterday. I split it in half and had some for breakfast and some as a dessert at lunch. I have lost over 30 pounds in a little over a year because I eat chocolate chocolate chip muffins.

Okay, okay... you caught me. I'm not telling the full truth, here. It's not just because of the chocolate chocolate chip muffins. There was some ice cream, too.

You may wonder, how can this be? Or you may think, this isn't possible! However, living a healthy lifestyle for me really does include chocolate chocolate chip muffins and ice cream from time to time. It also includes moderation, exercise and the good-for-you stuff, too. A little bit of everything, really! The one thing I am firmly against is deprivation. For me, anyways, deprivation leads to resentment and binges. It's just not healthy!

So, if you are struggling with a diet, stop! There is another way, people. My favorite website that I use as a guide in my healthy lifestyle is There, you will find out how to ditch the diet mentality once and for all!

For those of you already involved with, you know what I am talking about! If you're a member, leave a comment about your favorite thing about Sparkpeople! All of this positivity can only help us in this journey!

My favorite thing about sparkpeople is the nutrition tracking and the community.

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