Thursday, July 19, 2012

Scones and Tea

I made blueberry scones to have for breakfast this week. They came out of the oven perfect, slightly brown on the bottom with crispy tops. I think that it was a mistake to store these scones in a tupperwear container. Just a couple days in a container and now they are all mushy. They are still tasty, but they have lost that great scone texture that they once had. If you have any suggestions on how to store scones, please let me know!

Scones and tea have been a nice way to start the day but I think that I may go back to an old, old favorite for next week. On Sunday evening, I plan on making a quiche. If I divide the quiche before taking the first piece, then I will have a better way to judge about how many calories each piece will be. About four years ago, I was really good about making big batches of food then dividing it throughout the week. I want to get back to that habit! It saved money, time and sometimes calories, too!

Do you have any big batch meals that you make on a regular basis?

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