Thursday, August 2, 2012

Incredible Edible Eggs

This morning, I woke up early. This gave me time to make a large cold cut salad to bring with me to work for lunch. To make my cold cut salad, I layed out a piece of ham and put a slice of munster cheese on top of it. I rolled the two together and then sliced the roll. That is why I call it a cold cut salad; I use cold cut ham and cheese from the deli. It's so fresh and delicious! I used a small bag of romaine lettuce and sliced up a roma tomato. I topped it all with 1/4 cup of cheddar cheese. A really filling and healthy lunch! I just finished half of the salad, the rest I will eat as an afternoon snack if I get hungry. The great part of this salad is that it was so full of taste that I didn't even add salad dressing! Now that I have picked all of the ham and cheese out of the salad, however, I may need some ranch when I finish it as a snack or with my dinner.

My "cold cut" salad.

Speaking of a snack, I made two hard boiled eggs and ate them before my salad at lunch. Those were super filling all on their own! I am going to have to make hard boiled eggs more often! I researched the health benefits of hard boiled eggs and I have found a lot of resources:

From those resources, I have learned that eggs are one of the only foods that contain naturally occurring Vitamin D. This is great news for me! I have multiple sclerosis so I am usually dangerously low on Vitamin D. I actually have to get blood work done soon to check my levels. From those resources, I also have learned that eating eggs may help lower risk of a heart attack or stroke by helping to prevent blood clots. Also great news, considering that I have Factor V Blood Clotting Disorder!

Now I guess I know why they call them "incredible edible eggs"!


  1. Your salad looks super yummy! Thanks for all the great information on eggs too! I really need to start eating more myself.

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