Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pleasantly Surprised

Something that I completely forgot to mention about my friend's wedding this past weekend was the incredibly nice gifts she gave to her bridesmaids! We were all pleasantly surprised when we opened our gift bags to see a smaller bag inside.

I felt extremely spoiled! We were all sitting there with big eyes and mouths wide open in "awe". The bride said to take a look inside; in there we found our necklaces that she wanted us to wear in the wedding next day! I pulled mine out to find a beautiful string of pink pearls.

I tried the necklace on while we were at the restaurant and it barely fit; it was like a choker on me. That's the other downside to being a "big" bridesmaid. Luckily, I make jewelry as a hobby so I had everything I needed to make an extender for my necklace.

Everything fit well, the necklace and the dress! Although there was a lot of stress involved in being a "big" bridesmaid, it was well worth the honor I felt to be included in one of my best friends wedding day.

This morning I leave for a business trip and I will not return home until Wednesday night. I do not have any challenges this week and for that I am grateful. It is really hard staying on track with much of anything when I am away on business. I have, however, already begun thinking of my next challenge theme. I know it sounds silly, but creating and being a part of challenges really makes this weight loss journey fresh and fun for me!

Are you currently involved in any challenges?

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  1. I just finished a 12 week one with my family. I am looking for a new one as well.