Friday, September 21, 2012

Not Meeting My Own Expectations

I am feeling better than I have in a long time. This week has been amazing! My sweet husband made our 3 year anniversary so special by meeting me for lunch and surprising me with roses and a card when I got home from work. He isn't even done, yet. He has something special planned for dinner on Saturday. I am so excited to finally find out that surprise, tomorrow!

On top of all of the love in the air from our anniversary, this week has just been great motivation wise. Ever since I took the time to release some emotional baggage and forgive myself for not meeting my own expectations, I have felt more free. I feel like I am worth it; that I am worth working on.

My mom has been a great motivator this week, as well. She ran for the first time since high school, this week! She agreed to go with me to the gym on Wednesday and Thursday. Knowing that she was counting on me to pick her up for the gym really helped alleviate any excuses I would have thought up to keep myself from going otherwise. My sister went to the gym with me on Monday, too. That makes three gym visits this week! I can honestly say that hasn't happened in at least six months. No wonder I have been stuck around the same weight for a year! I am so glad that I kept track of my weigh-in's throughout this journey, so far. It took me seeing what I knew inside (that I haven't made any weight-loss progress in an entire year) for me to forgive myself so I can move on! After all, just because I haven't made any weight-loss progress, doesn't mean that I didn't grow and make progress in other areas this past year! I know that I have and that's why it wasn't too hard to forgive myself for not meeting my own weight-loss expectations.

In addition to working out this week, I have been doing pretty well nutrition wise, too! Last night, I had salad and stuffed broccoli and cheese chicken for dinner. I was eating alone last night since my husband was at night class, so it was an accomplishment for me to forgo my temptation to eat fast food. Instead, I made myself a nice meal and it was very satisfying.

I am looking forward to beginning a new challenge on Sunday. Since I have announced that my husband and I will be going on a cruise in November, I have a new goal to work towards and with it comes a new personal challenge!

Are you participating in any challenges right now to assist you with your weight-loss goals?


  1. I used to have a challenge every Sunday on my blog for my readers and myself to partake in. Now that I have received more followers I have been thinking I am going to start it up again. It's always something everyone can do like drink more water this week.

  2. I don't do challenges. I don't like the mentality - it's an every day thing for me.

    Why do you do challenges? If you want to change things up, maybe a focus on something different might help. I've been following you for a while and your last few challenges haven't been as successful as you had hoped.

    1. Knowing Kay the way I do, I understand her need to 'challenge' herself and yes it is a 'mental' thing for her. Its also a motivational thing and she needs to try to motivate herself to do certain things and to reach certain goals. She is a goal setter and a planner.
      I know Kay doesnt feel like a failure when she isnt successful at challenges because even winning some or part of the challenge is a daily success!
      What do you have in mind for other alternatives to her challenges? She is a very competitive person and the challenges is her way of competing against herself!
      To me, your a winner Kay so keep up the good work however you choose to do it!

    2. That makes sense. I didn't mean to sound negative - I'm sorry it came across that way. I was honestly wondering about it. I know some people who do challenges but it's just never been something that's appealed to me at all.

      Kay, if that came across the wrong way, I'm sorry! Do what works!

  3. Oh, wow! Thanks for all of the feedback! It really made me think.

    First of all, it is great to hear from you; it was especially nice to hear that somebody has been following for a while, now! Thank you all for commenting; I hope to hear from you more often!

    I agree that my challenges haven't been as successful as I had hoped. However, losing 35 (at the present time, more like 31) pounds is a big accomplishment for me. To answer the question, I think that is the reason why I continue to challenge myself; because it has worked for me. I lost the weight through a series of personal challenges. The person who commented about me being goal oriented and a planner was right, too. I have expressed in previous posts that I LOVE to plan and creating my own challenges makes me feel more organized. It definitely has kept me accountable, too!

    I make my challenges public and I'm honest with my progress. It's no secret that this past year has been a struggle for me. It was definitely hard to post week after week of my gains and maintains. As you may have read the other day, I am done making excuses. I decided to forgive myself for not fully committing to my weight-loss journey, this past summer in particular.

    To be utterly honest though, if I didn't have my challenges to hold me accountable this past year, I probably would have gained even more weight than I had! For the most part, my challenges helped me maintain my weight. I finally have broken my old cycle of losing weight and gaining even more weight back than I had lost. This time, I have lost and maintained!

    Even though challenges were a topic in this post, it's not the only thing that helped me lose weight. Support from people just like you helped me, too! I also used to track nutrition; something that I just started to become more consistent with this past week!

    I hope this reply gives you the answers you were looking for! I also have more detailed information on what works for me located in the "My Program" tab at the top of the page.

    We all have our own program that works for each of us. I always like hearing about what works for others; so feel free to share, anytime!

    1. That makes sense. I really hope I didn't come across as negative - I'm cheering for you (through the internet! :)) and I was honestly wondering about how your challenges worked. I suppose I see every day as its own mini-challenge. It's great that you've found out what works for you!

      SparkPeople is supposed to be great. I use myfitnesspal (basically the same thing) and love it!

      Maintaining is definitely difficult, and you should absolutely be proud of yourself for losing 30ish pounds. I have trouble with maintenance because I think "oh - I've lost 30/40/however many pounds - I deserve a piece of cheesecake/extra helping of mac & cheese (my downfall!)/another doughnut." Well, obviously, that's not the best idea. ;)

      Best wishes as you continue on your weight loss journey!

  4. Thanks so much for your support! It means more than you know! :)

    I'm really glad to hear that you have a program working for you, too. I have heard that myfitnesspal is a great resource! It's refreshing to hear from readers who share the same struggle with me. It's always nice to hear that you aren't alone!

    Best wishes to you, as well! :)

    P.S. We can't even keep mac and cheese in our house! It's my downfall, too! Especially the spirals!