Friday, October 19, 2012

Hello, Energy!

I am feeling SUCH a difference lately in my energy! Don't get me wrong, I do get tired. I just can't believe how GOOD I feel from sticking to my exercise and meal plan this week. I feel like I have just come from walking miles in a fog; I feel a sense of clarity. I feel limber! Okay. I just laughed out loud a little because I am 24 years old and I SHOULD feel limber. The difference is that I am 24 years old weighing in at 237 pounds. Feeling limber at this weight doesn't happen often, so maybe now you can understand my excitement? I feel like doing a happy dance! My legs feel so good today after running these past couple nights! They aren't sore in the least bit. A cool-down and stretching definitely helped!

Another reason I am happy today (aside from the obvious, TGIF!) is that I have also been binge free since Monday. I haven't even had the urge. Thank you, awesome readers! You're tips definitely have been helping me in that department!

Last night, I spent two hours more time than I would like to admit on the computer. I was filling out an "application" to be featured on a blog that I love to follow, She is thinking about posting Reader Weight-Loss Success Stories, so check out her blog and send her an email if it's something you may be interested in!

The questions to be submitted were great and I took a lot of time thinking about my answers. Surprisingly, the hardest answer to come up with should have been the easiest; background information. I wrote this section and deleted it and re-wrote so many times that I think I just finally settled with whatever was there, a half hour later. I wanted to keep this section as condensed as possible (not only because my other answers were so long, but) because when it came down to it, sometimes thinking of the past holds me back. Has anyone else heard the little voice "you haven't been able to do it before, so why try now?" That's what I tried to avoid when I wrote about my background information. Here is what I finally came up with; something short, sweet and to the point:

Background information (what your typical eating habits were like growing up, etc.):
Boxed/frozen meals and eating out were how we survived in my childhood. We didn't have a clue about nutrition, and we didn't really care! One dollar for a cheeseburger; we were there! If you fast forward to when I was a young adult, you would see that a lot of those poor eating habits seemed to stick with me. I knew better by that time, but I didn't want to change. I didn't want to change until I realized how much I needed to, for my health and well-being.
I still struggle with that darn one dollar cheeseburger sometimes; but, I have the will to change and I have changed in many great ways!
Now, I have a question for you! Did your eating habits change once you became an adult?

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  1. I grew up where we ate out only on someone's birthday. All of our meals were well rounded with the 4 food groups. Most of the food my mom made. There was no ordering pizza, no frozen waffles, no bags of chips, no cookies..unless they were homemade. As a young adult on my own, I LOVED to eat out, LOVE IT. I hated vegetables and so to be able to eat what I wanted I think I went crazy on fast food, Chinese food, boxed food, sweets, mostly junk that is bad for you. No surprise I am 100 lbs overweight.