Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Phantom Starving

I've got some good news and some bad news. I'll start with the bad because I like to end on a good note. The bad news is that even though I did follow my meal plan last night (salad and fish) I ended up binging after my husband got home. I was phantom starving (a term I came up with last night). I think I was anxious and therefore I needed to eat...? I don't know exactly what my problem is but I have been doing it a lot; more than I think I have realized and more than I would like to admit. I need some ideas to help avoid a binge, friends. Even if it's going back to the basics, give me what you've got; I need to stop! It's slowing me down and keeping me around the same weight as I was over a year ago. I don't like to use the word plateau unless I have been working hard with no results. It's true that I have been working hard, but it is also true that I have been giving in and eating as I please.

Brightside? It is good to know that I will be able to maintain my weight loss once I have reached my ultimate weight loss goal. Maintaining a 30 pound weight loss is all I have really been doing this year.

While that should make me happy, I want more.

As for my good news, before my binge episode last night, I did go to the gym with my mom as planned. I even tried beating my personal record (PR) for my fastest mile. I was able to shave 33 seconds off of my mile from last week! My new PR is 15:14! Not bad for my second try. I don't intend to beat that for a little while. I think that I need to build up my endurance more because I really pushed myself to my limit to get the 15:14 last night!

1.01 miles in 15:14 seconds

Tonight is a "no gym" night so I will be at home (where the fridge is... scary thought). I am going to try to keep myself busy with making soup for dinner, doing the dishes, sweeping and mopping the floors, and if I end up being "phantom starving" I will make myself a salad... or two. No binging tonight! I can do it!


  1. Anxiety is my binge monsters arch nemesis. As soon as I feel an ounce of anxiety my desire for food sparks because binging is what lulls all of my emotions away. Instead of focusing on distracting yourself from food you may need to let yourself feel the anxiety enough to understand where its coming from, why youre feeling it and how to rid yourself of it. Its not an easy thing to do and even now i struggle with it but whats helped me pretty recently is seeing a photo of what you do to your insides when you binge (depending on how much youre binging on). I did a post on that recently here: http://carbiegirl.blogspot.com/2012/09/who-likes-before-and-after-photos.html Sorry for the long message but I know how hard it is to break away from the binge cycle. <3

  2. This may sound dumb but when I feel like that I will brush my teeth. If that doesn't work then I will spend time flossing really well. Then if that doesn't work then I swish with mouthwash. After all of that if I still feel like a binge is coming on then I will drink a big glass of lemon water or hot tea.

  3. Im a big 'binger' too and I just with I had more healthy alternatives to bing on in my house but it seems when I have the healthy alternatives I dont 'want' to bing, but when there are chips or ice cream in the house I find its hard to not binge.
    I know its probably hard to not have 'binging' food in your house if you have kids or had a party with leftovers, but I think if you have more healthy alternatives you either dont want to binge or you binge on healthy things.
    Just a thought.

  4. the teeth brushing one is a good idea!

    I sometimes chug a LOT of water so that the thought of food makes me feel sick :D
    twisted eh?

    I really unflattering picture of myself on the fridge usually helps, or if you're the type to be kinder to yourself, maybe a really slim looking picture of yourself!

    trying on my too tight pants also helps! Cleaning the house is a good idea too.

  5. You've gotten some good ideas.
    I have tried the water, tooth brushing, and cleaning.
    My key is goin to sleep. Or at least going to bed and reading until DH gets home.
    I'm with you on the maintaining as well, I lost 30 pounds eternal August 2011 and March 2012, I've lost 3-5 pounds since March 2012... It is now October! I also have been working out but slacking on food tracking. Lets do this!!