Friday, October 5, 2012

Stop and Think - Out of Control

I was really motivated on Wednesday when I thought I was finally beating the cold that I had been fighting since last Friday. I went to the gym and made a new workout and dinner plan for the rest of the week. When Thursday morning came around, however, I was feeling worse than I had all week. The cold seemed to settle in my chest and I was worried that I was in for another week of battling illness. I went to work and called the doctor to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

My doctors appointment was scheduled for this afternoon at 3:40 p.m. When I woke up this morning, I called off work as I felt like my body needed rest. I slept nearly 12 hours straight and woke up to find that I felt much better! I was finally able to break up a lot of mucus that I wasn't able to before. I am almost fully cleared up now, still coughing from time to time. I was half tempted to cancel the doctors appointment because I feel like I am finally getting over this cold! I decided, however, to keep the appointment because there may be a small chance that I will need an antibiotic to fully kick this thing once and for all!

Since I was so sick, I failed to keep my gym streak going. If there was ever an acceptable excuse to not follow my plan, I guess being sick would have to be it. I tried to go to the gym on Wednesday and it only seemed to make my illness progress. Sleep and rest has been the best cure for me, so far. It's not curing anything goal and weight-wise, though. It is a little frustrating because I have gained weight while being sick. Being overly sedentary this week has not helped my cause.

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If there is a lesson to be learned this week, it would be that sometimes things out of my control will hold me back from reaching my goals. This motivates me to do everything I can to not hold myself back. There are other things out there that will do that for me; things that I will not be able to overcome. Illness, injury.. these are things that my will alone cannot overcome. Being "too tired" and not "feeling motivated" are obstacles that I can overcome, with will and determination.

I challenge us to stop and think the next time that we aren't reaching our goals. Ask yourself, is this something that I can overcome, or is it out of my control? If it's something out of your control holding you back, realizing this may help you to forgive yourself and move forward. I forgive myself for gaining weight this week and I will move forward with my workout plan as soon as I am cleared to do so by my doctor.

Are there any obstacles holding you back from reaching your goals right now? Are they in or out of your control?


  1. I agree with you Kay...if its out of your control there is no reason to beat yourself up over it! You need to rest and get better because sometimes overworking an already sick and tired body can make it worse!
    Grab a comfy cozy blanket, make some soup, kick up your feet and relax!

  2. I hear you! I learned this about the gym... One day I just didn't feel like going, then that week I was out 2 other days because my kids were sick... Lesson learned!!

  3. I am always tired.... having a toddler will do that too you, and sometimes I miss a workout because of it...sometimes its out of my control, like sammy was up all night and sometimes it was my own fault for staying up too late!

    Hope you feel better soon!