Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Finding My Way Back to Me

I am looking forward to spending time with family during Thanksgiving tomorrow. Unfortunately, we will not see everyone, but it will still be a great day! With four sides of family, the holidays can get stressful. My husband and I came up with an arrangement that has seemed to work for the past three years. The first year of our marriage, we spent Thanksgiving with both of our moms side of the family. The second year, our fathers. We have been doing this rotation for a while now. It's a big stress reliever to only have two places to travel during this holiday. Christmas is a completely different story. We have 6 stops in two days. It can be tiring to make all those trips but it is great to see everybody for Christmas!

Holidays are great for family time, however, food is most often the center of attention at these family gatherings. It can be hard and stressful to try to "stay on track" during the holidays. So often it seems like I set myself up for failure in that aspect. I am not going to give myself the excuse to fail this year. Instead, I am just going to eat until I'm full and do the best I can. No restrictions, no deprivation. That only leads to bad things for me.

I feel like I am trying to get myself back to the basics. After the roller coaster ride that I have been on these past few weeks, I am trying to find my way back to me. I feel so much different and in some ways the same.

I don't change my hair much but I noticed when there is a big change in my life I do seem to change something. This time, I cut my bangs. Does anyone else have that habit if changing their appearance after something big or traumatic has happened? Any special tips or tricks that seem to help you heal? My game plan has been to smile. Even when I don't feel like it, I just try to smile.