Sunday, November 4, 2012

Only Five Days

First, I wanted to thank all of those who commented and emailed me about my previous post. I am truly glad that by sharing that experience, it has helped others. Thank you also for all of the comments that were meant to help me. They are very appreciated!

Now, I can't believe that in only five days I will be starting my vacation in the Bahamas with my husband and two of our closest friends! I didn't really lose any weight for this trip but I was able to maintain, which seems to be my theme lately. Maintaining is better than gaining is my new mantra. However, I am very much expecting a gain after my cruise is over. I usually come back from a trip like this with a tan, lots of pictures and about another ten pounds on the scale.

Ten pounds may seem a little extreme to gain in a one week span, but for a person with PCOS, that's not so abnormal. I may sound a little looney when I say this, but I wonder if that is exactly what I need to start losing weight again. Maybe I need to gain some "easy weight" in order get past this maintain range I have been stuck in for nearly a year. Does that make any sense? When I say "easy weight" I mean, the vacation gain. I have learned from the past that if I gain weight quickly (like 5 pounds in a week) it seems to be just as easy to lose it if I try hard for that same time period. Has anybody else experienced this? It's almost like, the longer I keep the weight gain around, the harder it is to lose it. If I try to lose it immediately after gaining, it comes off a lot easier. Kind of like "water weight", or the first week when you start eating healthier. You notice a bigger loss than you would in the weeks to come; because you are changing something. Then, your body gets use to it.

So, tell me: If you go on vacation, do you typically gain weight?


  1. Awesome blog, i Love it. I have moved from just running to doing my first triathlon- yay! It was hard but I enjoyed the variety. This book helped me get started
    Lots of women think about doing a short tri but never get going on it- It was great fun

  2. I totally understand where you're coming from. I wouldn't worry too much about the vacation gain either, it's very normal. I mean, you'll be eating different foods, probably extra salt, etc! I went to the mountains for 3 days, ate as healthy as I could and gained 6 lbs! (Yay PCOS, not!).

  3. Yes I gain when I'm on a vacation and eat out a lot too... Not so much for a weekend but a whole week of restaurant food? Yes! And a week of relaxing, enjoy!

  4. I do not gain weight on vacation. I take my scale with me, and weigh in every morning. (The little fluctuations don't bother me.) I eat out & make healthy choices within my calorie allotment for the day.

    Here's the thing - I know exactly how all cake tastes. I know how all the cookies taste. I've eaten them all before. What I don't know is how it feels to zip smaller sizes up - and that's what I want more than the extra bite of a donut.

    Yes, it's a little drastic, but it works for me. Regaining even a couple pounds screws with my metabolism. I'd rather come home the same weight (or w/in 1 or 2 lbs.)