Friday, December 28, 2012

First Run with my New Forerunner 410

I had to work from home the day after Christmas. Working from home beats a day in the office any time! In the middle of my "work day", I decided to take a break and took my new Forerunner 410 for a test drive run. The weather channel was calling for blizzard conditions starting at 11:00 a.m. I only had a short amount of time before the conditions were less than favorable for this run. I managed to get out there around 10:15 and although it was a cold run, it was a very pretty one at that. There was snow on the ground but the roads were fairly clear. Perfect for my first winter run with my new Forerunner.

During my test run with the Garmin Forerunner, I walked for about 4 minutes then I ran for 1 minute. I haven't done any running since October so this was a nice way to ease back in to it. I manually selected "lap" after each interval. I now have learned there is a way to set up a manual workout similar to the one that I just did the other day. I am excited to get the opportunity to run again, soon. I am so happy with my Forerunner 410. The more I learn about the features, the more I love it!

I decided to take some advice from my blog yesterday and tried to eat a snack before going on my run. It did seem to help. I felt a small stitch in my side half way through my run but it may have been from the glass of water I drank. Hard to tell. Regardless, I definitely felt the difference afterward. I wasn't as tired as I usually am after a workout. I was pumped up!

Biscuit with honey

What is your favorite type of workout?
- For the most part, I think my favorite workout is running. I love the mind game.


  1. I love to hate running but the boost I get after completing a workout is great!
    I really like, and now teach, water aerobics!!

    Awesome run! I love seeing your splits! Wht an awesome gift.

  2. Your run interval pace is incredible! I think you're a natural runner!!

    PS - you should make a Goal of Losing Facebook page so your readers can follow you there, too!