Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Weight Gain

I had an amazing time with family this Christmas! Even though it can be hard to pull off, we were able to see each side of our families this Christmas and it was very much worth the travel to do so!

Christmas gift collage 2012

As I was putting away Christmas gifts last night, I took a few photos. I didn't capture every gift, but wanted to share a few awesome memories with you in a collage.

If you're a runner, the Forerunner 410 pictured above may have caught your eye. My amazing husband surprised me with it this Christmas. I mentioned wanting to buy one "some day" and he decided that some day should be now. I had no idea he was planning on getting this for me! I have now found out that my husband sold motorcycle parts to get the money for the gift so I wouldn't see any charges on our cards. He was very sneaky and very sweet; it was a complete surprise! I really enjoy running and my husband completely supports me. He knows how much better it makes me feel when I'm working toward a goal, and running goals make for really fun challenges!

After our miscarriage this year, my husband and I have been talking a lot about when we may try to conceive again. I am determined to lose much more weight before becoming pregnant again. After all of the holiday food, I am back up to 236 lbs. at this time. My ideal goal is my ultimate goal of losing 100 pounds total and being down to 168 lbs. before we try to conceive again. My husband completely supports that goal and agrees with the decision. This is just another reason why the Forerunner means so much to me. He knows this will give me "that much more" motivation to get out there and run and ultimately, help me reach my goals in running and weight loss.

So now, a question for you:
Were you able to maintain your weight over the holidays?
-Not me. I gained a couple pounds, however, they won't be around for long!


  1. I love your blog! I first saw you on SP and then followed your link here, and now I'm a follower! I'll add you as my friend on SP too! Good luck to you!

  2. Good luck!
    I gained too. I'm up 4 pounds over 2 weeks but most of it was 12/22 - 12/25 getting back on track is hard. But SO worth it!

    What an awesome hubby! And a great surprise gift!

  3. I'm up 2-3lbs, boo! But I am beyond ready to get it back off and start this new year off on the right foot!!