Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Resolutions - 2013

Suddenly, or not so suddenly, New Years Resolutions have become a topic of debate. Some are against them and some are for them. I, personally, have been making New Years Resolutions for as long as I can remember. While I know that every day is a new chance to resolve a change, there is just something different in my mind about the "new year". Making New Year Resolutions is something I enjoy to do; it makes me feel good. It's a tradition.

With that being said, I have come up with the following resolutions for 2013:

1. Reach goal weight.
My goal weight is 168 lbs. I began my weight loss journey at 268 lbs. It has been a goal of mine since Spring of 2011 to lose 100 lbs. I have done well at losing a majority of my weight and maintained it through the year of 2012. Now, it's time to lose, again! I desperately want to try to conceive again once I reach my goal weight. This is something I would like to do sooner rather than later. I would love to be able to begin trying to conceive before the end of 2013.

2. Eliminate credit card debt.
Since I would like to begin trying to conceive sometime next year, I would love to take that next step while being credit card debt free! There is a large amount of our money going toward our credit cards each month. Once we eliminate that debt, we will actually have money to put in savings for a change. Something that I would love to do before we begin trying to conceive.

3. Enjoy life, just as it is, right now.
Even though I have yet to go a day since my miscarriage without thinking about our future with a child, I desperately want to take a deep breath, step out of myself for a moment and look around. I want to take time each day to enjoy my life, just as it is, right now. My husband and I are blessed with a wonderful home, pets and careers. We enjoy coming home to one another, making dinner and relaxing at night without a crying baby. I know this is something we should be cherishing each day because it will not always be like this. While I am anxious to start our family, I know that now is the time to enjoy each other, just as we are.

So, with that being said, will you be making any New Years Resolutions for 2013?


  1. New Years Resolutions are fun to make but accountability is my problem. I make the resolutions, or atleast I used to make them, and within the month of January they would be broken and I'd backslide. Some of my past resolutions have been to lose weight, exercise more, drink more water, dont drink pop, ... etc.
    This year I have tried to outsmart myself... I started my 'resolutions' right after Christmas. I gave them a trial run, if you will. I joined SparkPeople again and have tried to track my meals and drink my water allotment everyday. Every day I have failed to complete my resolution to do it. So I am ready to give a New Year Try tomorrow since the failure has already happened and I know its ok to fail, maybe I will do better... ?
    So here we go:
    My New Years Resolution:
    1. To not hold myslef to any single resolution, but to try to make lifestyle changes that will benefit me and my family in the new year.
    And if I fail, which I will, there is always tomorrow! Celebrate my successes and dont dwell on my failures... Get up, Dust Myself Off and make more reasons to Celebrate!

  2. I have a goal of meeting my goal weight in 2013 as well! However it's not really a New Years resolution, I just wanted to do it by my birthday! One reason why I want to lose weight is to have a baby also. I'm currently on fertility medication, but I'm hoping weight loss will help.

    Have a fantastic New Years!

  3. Here are mine!!

    1) To complete "A Month Without" challenge every month!
    2) To complete a Sprint Triathlon
    3) To Complete 2 5K races
    4) Add strength training regularly by the end of the year
    5) To run 100 miles this year