Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sixteen Dozen Cookies

There are currently 16 dozen cookies in my house. I have only had about 5 today. I need to get rid of them asap before I cause any more damage! Every year, my in laws have a cookie exchange. There are 16 people in the exchange so we each make 16 dozen cookies. This year, as a last minute decision, we mad red velvet cookies. They turned out great and I think they were a hit with the family.

I haven't blogged lately as I was gearing up for an extremely busy and fun weekend. On top of baking and exchanging 16 dozen cookies with in-laws, I had a great time decorating a different batch of cookies with my friends on Friday evening. We try to get together every year to decorate sugar cookies. It's a great time to drink wine, and catch up on each others lives.

On Saturday, a busy day ended with a great Christmas party hosted by my husband's employers. We ate dinner at a really nice club house; there was dancing, drinks and a photo booth. Need I say more?

After the Christmas party, my husband and I met up with his co-workers at another bar. There was karaoke and a free poker tournament. I don't know how to play poker but I have heard of a thing called "beginners luck" so I decided to give it a shot. I had nothing to lose! It turns out, I went further than my husband and his co-workers. They were waiting for me for an hour before I finally went "all in" just so we could leave. I thought it was funny because I had no idea what I was doing. I would just bet high when I had high cards and fold if I had low cards. I'm sure there is more to the game than that. Right?

After the free poker tournament, we followed Nick's co-workers to the local casino. We have never been to the casino before so we thought "why not!" Since we were new, we got $10 in play money for each of us, and my husband got an extra $10 since it's his birthday month. We aren't big gamblers, so we played a couple dollars and left with about $15 to play another time. It was like a different world in the casino. It was so very large and there were so many people. I can't believe it's open 24/7, even on holidays! There was a breakfast buffet, in which we attended at 1:00 a.m. The casino has pretty much everything you need, aside from beds (at least I didn't see any while I was there). I could see how people stay there for days. My husband and I are pretty good about going to places like that with a set amount of money and just having FUN with it. We never EXPECT to win (which is good because we never do), so we never take more than we can afford.

With all of the fun, cookies, dinners, buffet, and more cookies this weekend, I am happy to say that I am only up in weight a bit. I hope to get back down next weekend, though. I hope to be at least down to 233 lbs. by Christmas day!

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