Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tempting Holiday Foods

These past couple weeks have been super busy. I have been working late nearly every night. I am way behind with blogging but intend to become more regular again after the Holidays.

I believe that I am done Christmas shopping, so all that is left to do is wrap. I think I will save the wrapping for this weekend. I don't like to be rushed when wrapping, I like to enjoy it as much as I can. For example, a little Christmas music makes everything a little more enjoyable.

After my work Christmas party this week, I am not quite sure if I will reach my goal of being down to 233 lbs by Christmas. It's hard to lose weight this time of year, so it is hard to call it a failure. I have been trying hard to maintain a balance of enjoying myself, the moment, the people I'm with while also trying to avoid eating all of the tempting party foods this season brings!

As we come closer to the new year, I'm also thinking about the year ahead. I am excited to create new goals, new challenges and make new memories this upcoming year!

Now, I have a question for you:
Do you make New Years resolutions?


  1. No, I don't make New Years resolutions? What's the point, really? You can make a vow to change any day of the year, why does the first day matter? If you're not going to do it on any old day of the year, chances are you wont do it just because it's New Years either.

    Then again, I have been proven wrong before ;D

  2. I agree with you. We have our holiday potluck today and there is going to be a lot of good stuff. Hard to resist but I'm going to try to take only a couple of bites of things.

    I don't really make a New Year's resolution...each year I try to make a collage of what I'd like to accomplish the next year, fitness related or not. Its a fun way of expressing what I'd like to get done.

  3. Resolutions....I am this year! Trying the Whole30 for January.

    so tired to gaining! I don't even need to be losing, just not gaining!