Tuesday, December 4, 2012

World Champion

If being in limbo about medical issues was a sport, I believe I would be the champion! I can see it now, "youngest world champion, at only 24 years of age, wins gold medal for being in the dark about her pregnancy and newly developed miscarriage."

Seriously, though. My doctor still hasn't gotten back to me about what she wants to do next. This mass inside me is still there and I don't know what they will throw at me next. The unknown is a stressful place to be.

I would really love to work off some of this stress at the gym. If my body is feeling up to it, I'm pretty sure I'll be giving that a shot, tonight.

My husband, the sweetest guy on earth, tried and successfully took a little stress off of me last night. He surprised me with the table set for dinner with candles lit and a mystery dinner prepared. I did venture off of my dinner plan for the week, but with good reason. My personal chef surprised me with baked ziti!

We are currently working with minimal groceries in the house, so this was a great surprise! The dinner plan for the weeks has been slightly shifted, but I can definitely work with that!


  1. I'm glad your hubby is spoiling you! His dinner looks yummy! I'm sorry you don't have answers yet.

  2. You husband is truly a gem amongst men! You are lucky to have a caring and supportive partner and Im sure he's under stress too having gone through the miscarriage and now the unknown. Im so proud of him for keeping it together and spoiling you even though he is probably under a lot of stress too knowing your still not through this sad time. Best of luck and I will continue to pray for the both of you! Hugs!