Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bringing Meal Plans Back

I'm bringing meal plans back... yeah!

If you didn't read the above sentence to the beat of "Bringing Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake, then you may think I'm crazy. If you did read the above sentence to the beat of "Bringing Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake, then you are just as crazy as I am and we should start up a fun crazy group together. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just keep reading and pretend this paragraph never happened.

So, a life without meal planning and grocery shopping hasn't been working for me. When we don't have a meal plan or any groceries in the house, I do things like suggest we have Chinese food for dinner. Then, I eat the leftovers for lunch. Then, I just want to order more Chinese food; but I refrain.

Chinese food, while I love you, I don't think this is going to work long term. We have different aspirations in life. I'm sorry. I just can't see you anymore. 

Meal Plan for the Week:

Sunday - Lasagna Roll Ups
Monday - Browned Butter Gnocchi
Tuesday - Chili
Wednesday - Chicken with Veggies
Thursday - Chicken with Veggies
Friday - Calzones
Saturday - Spicy Poblano and Corn Soup

Now that I have my meal plan for our dinners this week, I am ready to go grocery shopping!

Lasagna Roll Up
My mom just texted me and offered to take me grocery shopping since she has some things to get today, as well. I think that I may be just a little too excited at her offer! I feel like I was just invited to a secret club. I remember when I was a little girl, my mom and grandma (and I am pretty sure my great grandma for a little while there) would all go grocery shopping together on the same day each week. The same day, the same group, every week. I am convinced that grocery shopping with a pal makes it more fun and less of an obligation, so I am looking forward to going grocery shopping with my mom this morning!

I think I will spend some time reading and relaxing after that, and then get started on dinner. According to my plan, I am making Lasagna Roll Ups, tonight.

What are you having for dinner, tonight?

Do you grocery shop for an entire week, two weeks or do you go shopping a few times a week/as needed?
- I try to grocery shop only once a week, on Sundays.

Do you go grocery shopping alone or with somebody else?
 - I always prefer to go with somebody else. My husband usually goes with me every week. I think I have only grocery shopped alone a handful of times.


  1. I much prefer to shop alone! When I bring my kids or my husband with me, I end up buying so many things that I never would have normally bought. ;)

  2. We have just recently starting grocery shopping for one week at a time and I LOVE it. There is always food in the house and there's no guesswork. There are wayy too many times we have eaten out because we had no idea what to eat for dinner. My hubby usually comes with me!

  3. We grocery shop for the week or sometimes two weeks at a time. I make a menu and try to stick to it, so those are the items we shop for and put in our cupboards. If I skip a night on the menu, I know I already have the items for it so I move it to the next two week schedule rotation (cuz then its less to buy on the next shopping trip). I like shopping with a buddy and usually go with my mom, but today I went with my daughter. I grocery shop on Saturdays usually but had to pick up a couple things from the store my daughter usually shops at so I saved them until today so I could go with her. I DONT like shopping with my 3 year old or husband because its wayyyy tooo much stress and we end up forgetting things i need for the menu or we end up buying 'junk' we dont need.

  4. We've been weekly meal planning since last April and its to the point now where I wouldn't know what to do all week long if I didnt have a plan lol Usually my fiance and I grocery shop together Sunday or Monday -- pick up everything we need for the week and generally have cooked grains (rice, millet, quinoa, pasta) all portioned out in the freezer. Saves SOOO much time!!

  5. I go grocery shopping once a week with my 1 yr old. I love him, but would be much easier alone. lol I try to plan what we're going to eat... but sometimes I get lazy and end up ordering out. (something I need to work on)

  6. omg, these look so good! im dying to try this on the go.
    however,i read that some of the "healthy food" youre eating every day are marking you're fat cells sick,and making it impossible to lose weight.
    what do you think about this?