Saturday, January 26, 2013

Things You Need to Know

Dear readers, friends and generally awesome people:

There are some things you need to know about this past week and how we spend most of our Saturdays.

First of all, we got hit with a ton of snow. While it was incredibly scary to drive in this past week, it was equally beautiful and a peaceful sight to see in the mornings while drinking my hot cocoa.

My sweet husband got me "just because" flowers. He says it's just because I'm great, and I say they are just because he is great. It's an ongoing debate.

This morning (after finding out that I had lost the weight I had gained from the previous week, bringing me back down to 235 lbs. Yay!) I made a killer cheddar cheese omelet. Fluffy cheesy goodness. Pair that with my Oolong tea and some 80's music and there you have a great Saturday morning!

Most Saturday mornings, like this one, start off with us both at the stove; my husband making pancakes for himself and me making an omelet. It seems all nice and fine until one of us hooks our iPhone to the docking station and blasts the Tears for Fears Pandora Station. That's when the real party starts.

With tunes like "Just Died in Your Arms", "Tainted Love", "Don't Stop Believing" and "Summer of '69", it's inevitable for a cooking utensil to be used as a microphone and dancing to occur. There was a lot of swinging hips, jumping around and snapping fingers.

Naturally, we have to dance according to the era of the music playing, and our dog Topher is never impressed.

How did you spend your Saturday morning? What did you have for breakfast?


  1. Oh Kay... You crack me up! My Saturday morning was spent doing dishes, laundry and cleaning...and watching my son's two favorite dudes, Diego and Thomas the Train (not at the same time ofcourse... haha)
    80's music rocks too... I think I will put some on my Sirus and finish cleaning the toyroom (which could take me to noon at this point cuz it needs a total rehaul!)

  2. I love this post =) Made me smile.

  3. I love your blog! Sounds like you had a super fun Saturday morning!

    This morning my son and I watched "TheGiggleBellies" youtube videos. Nothing like "the wheels on the bus" to get you hyped up and ready for the day. I had a frozen gogurt for breakfast and he had pears. Then we went out early to grocery shop. We bought all healthy snacks for the first time. Got a scale too (can't hide from it forever).

  4. snowing here too!
    I hope you will achieve your goal <3
    kisses from

    i followed your blog, to keep motivating you aha :)
    come visit mine too:)