Monday, February 11, 2013


It's Monday, already? I guess so! Yesterday, my husband and I went grocery shopping for the week ahead. I wore the new jeans that I bought when we went shopping on our date night on Friday. These jeans are two sizes smaller than my old pair and they fit great!

Before we went shopping for groceries, we made a dinner plan for the week. I worked on my workout plan, too. Even though I wasn't very happy about being in the gym last Friday, I decided to keep it on the schedule. It was actually a nice way to end the week! I may need reminded of this come Friday, after work.


“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” -Jim  Lefebvre

I just found that quote recently and I love it! I truly believe it, too. Things that I use to view as obstacles have now turned in to opportunities. For example, a birthday party with cake and ice cream. I use to dread going to functions whenever I was on a "diet". That's no way to live; dreading functions just because of the type of food that is going to be there. As my dieting mentality faded and the idea of living a healthy lifestyle emerged, I realized that a function with tempting food isn't an obstacle, it's an opportunity; an opportunity to overcome my weakness, an opportunity to succeed. 
Do you have any obstacles that you can turn in to opportunities in your life?

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