Monday, February 25, 2013

Where or What

My meal plan for this week looks odd since I will be out of town for part of the week.

M – Turkey dinner at moms
T – Pierogies with onions
W – N/A
T – N/A
F – Calzones

I do not know where or what exactly I will be eating for dinner while out of town on Wednesday and Thursday night, but I will be sure to track it using I love that has an iPhone app, so I can track food on the go. I use it daily and love, love, love it!

I have not been very creative with dinners lately because of how busy we have been. I hope to take some time to try new fun recipes soon. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment, below! I’m always interested in new recipes, and not just because I have a goal of making 25 more recipes before I turn 26 next February. I just love trying new recipes!

My mom invited us over to dinner tonight and my mother-in-law invited us over for dinner next Monday. This is very exciting news for us because that’s one less night of groceries we have to buy. We have been doing great at budgeting for groceries each week, and having a place to go one night a week has been helping, too!

Even though it is a goal of ours to pay off our credit card this year, we do have one tempting decision to make. We really want to purchase a treadmill. We found one for $599 at Sears. We haven’t fully decided, yet. It was originally $899 but will be back on sale at the $599 price March 1st – March 10th. I’ll keep you updated on what we decide.

Do you have a treadmill? How often do you use your treadmill? What brand of treadmill do you have?

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