Thursday, March 28, 2013

Plants and Weight Loss

My Spring fever is in overdrive!

This past weekend, I planted all of my tomatoes, green peppers and herbs in hope that it would bring more sunshine and warm weather our way.

Although we haven't had much sunshine, the snow was beginning to melt. It's back again, now but hopefully not for long! I'll take what I can get! It's been a few days since I've planted my seeds and I keep checking each day to see if we have a sprout. It's silly because I know it's too early for that. This is kind of how my attitude toward weight-loss can be at times; I keep checking the scale even when I know it's too early to see results. Regardless, it's important to keep watering and tending the plants, just like it is important to keep working toward our weight-loss goals, whether there has been a sprout yet, or not!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, or if you have seen any of my Youtube videos, the plant in the picture above may seem familiar to you. This would be because I have kept it alive for an entire year. This is a personal record for me. I am not the best with plants and gardens, but it doesn't keep me from trying! Kind of like running... I'm slow, but I keep trying!


Last night, my sister visited with me since my husband was at night class. Before I even got home, we were talking about getting McDonald's for dinner over the phone. I was craving a burger and fries, and she was feeling it too. I felt good to just be able to say what I wanted, but knew that I wasn't going to give in. I told her that I was going to stick to my meal plan for the week and make fish for dinner instead, she agreed.

I did switch the meal plan around slightly, making sweet potato fries tonight (since she told me she had never tried them before). If you could imagine, the fish didn't taste like a McDonald's burger and fries, yet we were still satisfied. I'm thinking I may have been even more satisfied than if I would have deviated from my meal plan. I can't say for sure, but I can surely say that I felt good about myself and satisfied after dinner.


After dinner, I received a message from a friend. Her daughter is having health issues and as a result, is having unexplained weight gain. I can definitely relate. In 2006, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) after gaining 30 pounds the summer after graduating high school. I began a cycle of gaining weight each year, which brought me to my highest weight of 268 lbs. in 2010. My doctor told me that losing weight with PCOS was nearly impossible. That is when I had a choice to make; I could choose to hear my doctor tell me that losing weight would be impossible, or I could choose to hear that I had a chance. As many of you know, I chose to hear that I had a chance. I have been working with that chance ever since and have lost over 35 pounds throughout my journey thus far. Has it been hard? At times, yes. Has it been worth it? Absolutely.

Losing weight is hard, especially when you have a medical obstacle, but it isn't impossible and it doesn't have to be torturous. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed my life more during my weight-loss journey, than when I wasn't trying to live a healthier lifestyle. It has been so entirely rewarding in every way! Even when the scale doesn't move (i.e. the entire year of 2012) I felt good about myself; about my choices, and about the change I was making in my life.

My advice for somebody who is wanting to lose weight but think that they may have a medical barrier would be to:

#1 - Seek medical advice
#2 - Think positive thoughts
#3 - Focus on today, but also set goals for tomorrow
#4 - Never give up, and remember that YOU can do it!

Are you battling a medical obstacle while trying to lose weight? How do you keep yourself motivated through the process?

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  1. I guess I've been lucky. I have pcos and was only about 40 lbs overweight, which i can fully take the blame for since my diet and exercise habits were terrible. I do have a lot of the classic symptoms though, and of course the troubles with my cycle. I'm trying to get my pcos under control for the good of my health. I'm glad i saw my doctor because she helped me to understand what's going on with my body and what complications i am at an increased risk for. Also if you know something is not right with your body, despite what doctors tell you -keep going to different doctors until you get answers!!! It took me 5 doctors who didn't know, didn't care, or were just downright rude, before i got my answers. Take charge of your health!