Thursday, April 18, 2013

After Running 10 Miles

I spent the day pretending it was summer! The fact that it was 84 degrees and sunny definitely helped.

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to drive 2 hours out of town for a business meeting. The meeting went well and I got out an hour earlier than expected. I enjoyed the ride home with the windows down and the radio up. Once I got home, I took the dogs to visit my sister at work.

Oh, did I mention my sister works at an ice cream shop. Where else would you expect me to be on the first 80-degree day we've had this year?

I made an almost healthy choice at the ice cream shop. Instead of getting deep fried cheese sticks and hot dogs like every other person in line, I ordered a grilled chicken salad. I obviously didn't follow my meal plan, but this almost healthy choice makes me feel a little better about it. The fact that Northwestern Pennsylvania does everything they can to make a healthy thing unhealthy is not exactly my fault; however, I wasn't complaining. Fries on a salad... yeah, it happens here.

While I'm confessing, I must say that I didn't run two miles last night, either. I've been training for my upcoming 5K on my treadmill. My husband has been warning me that treadmill training alone isn't going to cut it. Since it was nice enough to run outside, yesterday, I went to the track and ran. It turns out, running outside is harder than running on a treadmill. (Yes, Nick. You are right. Are you happy, now?) Within the first minute of running I decided that I was not going to run two miles. I went on to decide that I wasn't going to run the 5K on the 27th, either. Obviously, once my first interval was over, I decided that I would still run the 5K. The second mile, however, was non-negotiable. It wasn't going to happen. Bright side... yesterday's outdoor mile was faster than Monday's treadmill mile.

Back to the ice cream shop. My sister changed my dogs lives tonight. She introduce them to doggie ice cream (it's not people ice cream, it's for dogs). I obviously HAD to get Max and Topher a scoop (or two). Who knew this existed? You can tell me, I won't let the dogs know you were holding out on them. It will be our secret. Pinky swear.

After running 10 miles... I mean, after drinking a peanut butter milkshake, we left the ice cream shop and stayed on our stone patio until the sun set. I was asked to write a guest blog post for a fellow blogger, so I worked on that by the pond while the dogs roamed around the yard. I made sure to take regular breaks from writing to look up at the clouds, close my eyes and listen to our pond waterfalls. It doesn't get much better than that.

Salad with fries on top. Weird or no?
Doggie ice cream. Have you ever heard of such a thing?
Favorite flavor of ice cream/milkshake?


  1. Salad with fries on top...hmmmm. If they were like carrot, potato, parsnip 'fries' or something that would probably be good. Yes, I have heard of doggie ice cream. One of the pet stores in my hometown used to sell it. Never tried it myself :) Favorite milkshake would probably be huckleberry. Lots of those around Montana. Yum! Have a good weekend.

  2. Can't say I've seen fries on a salad. But it might make salads more appealing!
    We bought our dog a 'dog sundae' at our local shop last summer. It was just vanilla ice cream, with a milkbone stuck on either side. He loved it, and was really upset the next time we went there and didn't get him one!
    I love a milkshake made with hot fudge (NOT chocolate syrup)!

  3. I'm so jealous of your weather! We have 30 degree temps here in Missouri! And it was 85 on Wednesday! As far as a milkshake...I'm boring, I like chocolate!