Friday, April 26, 2013

Full Review of Nordi

I am super excited and nervous for my second-ever 5K race tomorrow.

The first 5K that I ran was last year and it was called the "Ice Cream Run". We were basically running for ice cream. The race tomorrow is the "Law Day 5K". It benefits kids and it means a lot to me to run this race since I work as a paralegal for a child welfare agency. Last year's run was just about ice cream, ice cream that was gone by the time that I had finished my run. I wish I had known that we were literally running for ice cream. I might have finished sooner. Moving on...

Since I have had some training time with Nordi (our NordicTrack T5.5 Treadmill), I believe a review is in order. It's been at least 15 miles later and I'm still in love with Nordi.


Quick buttons
Calorie burn quick button
Time quick button
iPod connect
Speakers great for walking
Easy set up
Looks nice, easy to read screen

No distance quick button
Speakers are too quiet for running
Heavy to move
Frame flexes a lot when running (worried about durability)
No built in fan

I would buy this treadmill over and over again. We actually plan on it! We figured if we got even a year out of Nordi, our money was well spent!


If you could choose... treadmill or stationary bike?
- Treadmill all the way, for me!

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  1. Great review and photos Kay. What do you think about the smooth fitness treadmills like these...

    I'm really thinking about getting the nordic now.