Friday, April 5, 2013

If it's Food, I'm Interested!

Lately, if my mouth isn't on fire, I'm not interested. Wait a second, who am I kidding? If its food, I'm interested, but you get the point.

This week, I made Jalepeno Popper Stuffed Chicken. Last night, I made a buffalo chicken salad, sans chicken. It was literally buffalo sauce, ranch, lettuce and croutons. If I hadn't had leftover jalepeno popper stuffed chicken for lunch earlier, I would have said it was the best thing I had eaten all day. I guess I'm just really feeling the heat lately, and Sweet Baby Rays buffalo sauce brings it, baby! (I may have first degree burns in my mouth from it, but that salad was worth it!)

This morning, I made eggs and bacon for breakfast.

While I was eating breakfast, I noticed my tomato plants have been growing quite a bit this week. Even if I'm not the best gardener (by any means) I just LOVE the feeling of growing something. It's so rewarding to see results.

The process of gardening reminds me a lot of my own process of losing weight. In growing tomato plants, for example, you plant a seed and wait patiently to see results. In weight loss, you begin healthier habits and wait for changes to occur; your pants to become looser or you see progress on the scale.

For plants, you water them daily, even when you aren't seeing any sprouts. For weight loss, you continue living healthier, even when you aren't seeing or feeling any results. 

Once you start seeing your plant's sprouts, you get excited and continue to water each day. Same with weight-loss, once you see results, use that as motivation to continue on! 

If you miss a day of watering your plants, it's not the end of the world. Just try to remember to water it the next day. The same with weight-loss. For example, I didn't follow my exercise plan at all this week. It's not the end of the world. I just have to continue on my journey and try to do better next time.

Slowly, maybe even before we know it, we will reach our goals.

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