Friday, April 12, 2013

Victorious Self

I have found the cure to a long stressful week. Please see the photo below for the cure.

photo from tumblr
If this picture doesn't make you smile, laugh or at least make you think "Aww...", then I am seriously worried about you.

I can't tell you how many times I have felt like the panda on top. You know that panda is thinking "I am allllllmost there!" I feel ya, panda. I feel ya!


Lately, I have been spending a lot of time on a newer website called I have been learning a lot and loving the activities there. I wanted to share this article with you, because I firmly believe in what it has to offer:

"Imagining a better future can actually make us happier—today. It clarifies our priorities and boosts our optimism, allowing us to break out of shackling beliefs and sets us in motion to deliver on great things for our future selves.[A-4] If we feel optimistic about our goals, we’re more likely to invest the effort in reaching them.
When we imagine and write about succeeding at the goals we've set for ourselves, it leads to increases in well-being and even physical health. In a study asking participants to write descriptions of the best possible version of their future selves for 20 minutes, four days in a row, researchers found that when compared with other writing prompts, this exercise was associated with positive mood and enhanced well-being three weeks later, and a decreased rate of illness five months later. [A-13] In a variant on this exercise by Sheldon and Lyubomirsky, people who visualized and wrote about their best possible selves over four weeks also showed higher levels of motivation and interest than those who were simply asked to write about life details.[A-4]
A study at Stanford University [A-11] asked one group of participants to watch a digital image of themselves exercising—an avatar personalized to look like them, while it asked a second group to watch someone else exercising. The people who watched themselves exercise were more motivated to exercise one full hour more, on average, than the other group.
Whenever you get the chance, think about your future self in two, five, ten years—whatever works for you—and imagine if everything you’d hoped would happen in the next few years actually DID happen. Meet your 'Victorious Self.'"

What would your "victorious self" look like?

My victorious self will be maintaining my goal weight, living healthier, living happier, with a child and my loving husband, surrounded by my awesome friends and family.

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