Saturday, May 18, 2013

Virginia Beach - Day Three

I am having fun stretching out the recap of our vacation! Our final day was very fun!

We spent the morning walking the boardwalk. It was a beautiful day! A lady offered to take a couple pictures of us, which was nice!

That afternoon, we drove about 5 minutes away to visit the Cape Henry Lighthouse. It was $5/per person, and it was a nice adventure!

After the lighthouse we went back home... I mean, back to the hotel. It definitely felt like home to us!

It was around dinner time when we took one of our last walks on the boardwalk. We found a cute outdoor restaurant to eat dinner at, called Johnny Manana's.

We got the "best seat in the house".

I'm not big in to mexican food, but my husband loves it!

I ordered chicken tenders and my husband got their enchiladas. Both were very good!

After dinner, we walked the beach. We were laughing, holding hands, and just enjoying the world around us.

We sat down by the pier and played in the sand for literally an hour before going back to the hotel. 

This is where I get sad. We spent our last hours on the balcony, before leaving for home that night.

It was really hard to say goodbye to that view, but we missed our dogs.

Next time we go (because there will be a next time) we are considering bringing our dogs and family. I really missed them while we were on vacation.

Then again, if we brought them, it would be even harder to come back home. We LOVED this vacation to Virginia Beach. Our first trip there was a success!

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