Monday, December 9, 2013

Giving Oatmeal a Try


Not my first choice for breakfast, but it's been my go-to lately. I go through phases for breakfast. Sometimes I'll have egg and cheese bagels, or a whey protein smoothie, or just plain eggs and bacon. Cereal, while tasty, has somehow fallen out of my rotation. It might be because I would get hungry again only an hour after eating cereal. 

Oatmeal, however, was never in my breakfast rotation. The texture isn't my favorite, but I have been giving it a try lately.

The maple brown sugar is the only kind of oatmeal I've been willing to buy. It smells amazing while it's heating up in the microwave, and has a great taste, as well. The texture is still iffy for me, but I'm getting over it.

The best part about eating oatmeal in the morning is that I am full for quite some time. Fullness is a factor that I always consider when picking food to eat; and this oatmeal has it!

Oatmeal lovers: what are your favorite flavors?

Tonight, I am going to go grocery shopping and will write out my workout schedule for the week. I am thinking I will either run or do some zumba tonight. I have a busy week ahead, so I am looking forward to getting everything organized tonight.

What are your workout plans for the week?


  1. I eat that same oatmeal every single morning but I also cut up a Granny Smith apple into bite size pieces and mix it in after warming it up. Soooo yummy and helps with the consistancy feel. Annnnd, you get in a serving of fruit!! Give it a try!!

  2. Good idea with the apple! You can adjust the consistency a bit to your preference by adding more or less water when you cook it. I love to use less water, making it pretty thick, then adding a splash of fat free flavored liquid coffee creamer (in a complimentary flavor of course). It makes it seem much smoother and creamier. Vanilla creamer goes with most flavors, but recently I have been loving the apple cinnamon oatmeal with pumpkin spice creamer :)

    1. Great advice! More water seemed to do the trick for me! :)